School History

School History

Welcome to Amazing Kids Private School & Academy!

  • Amazing Kids is a thriving and innovative Namibian Christian School in Cimbebasia, Erf 1366 Ondangaurastreet. This professionally, is committed to holistic development of our children by going an extra mile to ensure that our children are a cut above the rest.
  • Is a brain child of the founder and principal. Mrs. Emma Kakona who was born in Karasburg, Namibia.
  • It first started as an after school care centre for kids who needed qualified after school supervision. From 1998, the founder was engaged in private tutoring at her home until 2007 when the school formally started. From what started as a passionate vocation, the vision was developed and the idea of a Christian school with a difference developed when the number attending the after- care grew.
  • In 2007 we introduced Pre-Primary and started with 3 learners, at the end of the year we had 33 learners.  2008 we had 141, 2009 we had 256 learners and 2010 346 learners. Currently we are blessed with 417 learners.  We are aiming to have ± 1113 next year (2012).

We offer quality education for Pre-Primary (ages 3-5), Primary Grade 1-7 and Junior Secondary Grade 8-10. We will have the last phase of Senior Secondary Education Grade 11-12 in 2012, 2013.

  • We sell ideas, touch lives
  • Impress on the tablets of the soul
  • Help to balance lives
  • Play on the strings of the heart
  • Stir children to right choosing and noble thinking
  • Shape destinies
Year Grades Total Learners
2007 Pre-Primary & After-care 33 & 42
2008 Pre-Primary Grade 1-7 141
2009 Pre-Primary to Grade 8 256
2010 Pre-Primary to Grade 8 346
2011 Pre-Primary to Grade 9 437
2012 Pre-Primary to Grade 10 530
2013 Pre-Primary to Grade 11 836
2014 Pre-Primary to Grade 12 942

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